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Your most reliable partner in developing digital content. PurpleBug’s Creatives Development service promotes innovative digital content focused on providing graphics design support for your business.

We Offer

Increased Visibility

People are drawn to content with more visuals than plain text. Not only does it get more views but it also allows them to engage once it caught their attention. With an ever-growing number of competitors, stand-out with unique marketing and effective content visuals that will lead to purchase motivators of your target audience.

Improved Storytelling

Effective narrative of your content will capture the attention of your audience, leading to a strong and memorable impression of your brand. Well-thought out creatives resonate and align with your brand’s objectives, be it an increased awareness or additional sale. We’ll reach out to your target audience in a story that will keep them coming back to you.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

It takes creativity to make your brand’s presence stand-out. Your logo, consistency in style, your product/service, plays a crucial role in seeing the perception of your customers. Strong brands are memorable and build personality of their own, strengthening brand recall.

Strategic Visual Content

PurpleBug creates well-thought out campaigns, ideas that push outside the boundary, effective and efficiently. We don’t just deliver output, we exceed expectations that provide lasting results. Every content is carefully executed in such a way that effectively represents your brand while achieving campaign goals.  

Targeted Marketing

Humans are visual beings. Based on studies, 80% of people remember what they see and only 20% of what they read. As we aim to showcase your brand and reach your potential target customers, our graphic design service assures an enhanced communication that conveys your ideas that is not only effective but also captures the attention of your audience.

Did You Know
  • Video is the most prominent type of content 51% of marketing professionals use  when it comes to having the best ROI. Social media are widely engaging when it’s leveraged on video content as it captures and satisfies a content-hungry audience.
  • Motion graphics can improve your business as they blend the best of visual communication with motion storytelling and audio to create an engaging piece of content. It helps the brand to tell their story that reached people in unique ways and delivers compelling message.
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