Social Media Management is a marketing process that helps one’s brand to increase its traffic or engagement (likes, comments, and shares) on its different social media sites. Social Media Management allows individuals and businesses to interact with a wider range of their target market which includes the online community.

There are 60 million active social media users in the Philippines. It increases by 25% annually. And most of these users spend a daily average of 4 hours and 17 minutes browsing their social media accounts. With these numbers, it is highly recommended for a brand to widen their online presence through Social Media Management.

PurpleBug crafts relevant and effective digital marketing strategies to strengthen your business presence and activity in the world of social media. Our solution maximizes the opportunities provided by social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. Through our applications for page customization and promotion building, we help you:

Build your Brand Online
Develop Genuine Connections with your Market
Gain Visibility through Online Ads

Promotion of Products by Posting Interactive Content
Building of Brand Reputation and Social Community by Integrating your several Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube)

PurpleBug’s Social Media Management service encompasses the following strategies:

  • Content and Promo Conceptualization
  • Creatives Development (images, videos, GIFs)
  • Promo Implementation and Management
  • Interactive and Engaging Content
  • Social Media Promotion which includes Facebook Advertisement (integrated with other accounts such as Instagram)
  • Comprehensive Social Media Monthly Analytics

Social Media Management makes companies reachable to those who are interested in their products. Also, through Social Media Management, brands will be visible to those who have no knowledge of their products. Just like PurpleBug’s existing clients who acquired the Social Media Management service, you too can increase your online presence and visibility. Inquire now!