E Commerce Development

We develop simple and customized e-commerce platforms suited to meet your sales objectives. From several aspects to consider such as catalog management to user experience, our team of web developers will cover it all. Pitch in your requirements and let PurpleBug bring your e-commerce platform to life.

Our E-Commerce Development service is for brands who seek or aims to have their own e-commerce platform. This service consists of basic e-commerce design, features, and functionalities.

PurpleBug creates websites and mobile sites tailor-fitted to your requirements and taste. We handle everything from:

design conceptualization
content writing and development
site creation

PurpleBug’s development work starts with defining the scope of project, from its goals to the desired output. We focus on the pages and features the site requires. Now that we have a bigger picture of the site in mind, we can start stating the content needed for the individual pages.

Once everything’s set, we start developing your website. In order for a website to work, it needs to have a house; hence, our hosting services. Inquire now!