Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a new technology that offers a live view of a physical environment wherein the elements in that view are supplied by computer generated inputs such as 3D or 2D graphics. It gives users the experience of being able to see a virtual object as if it is appearing in a real world environment.

With this new technology, user’s ways of viewing things are transformed into new and different ways. Augmented reality can be used on all smart phones, tablets, computers, TVs and connected goggles. Several apps and websites are offering this new technology for a better viewing experience.

PurpleBug offers this service to its clients as one of its strategies to effectively market and advertise products and boost sales. This can help encourage customers to buy by engaging with the client’s products using Augmented Reality before purchase which gives them a hint on what to expect with the product. We handle everything from:

Enhancing Brand Image
Providing Customers the Chance to Visualize the Product Before Purchase
Giving the Brand a Competitive Edge Over Competitors
Promoting a Brand’s Product in a Unique Way

PurpleBug’s Augmented Reality service encompasses the following strategies:

Let PurpleBug’s team help you increase your sales and maximize your online presence. We also believe that our Augmented Reality Management could give your brand a lot of sales opportunities. Just like the existing clients that we cater with our numerous digital services, we are confident that we can turn your inquiries into sales. Inquire now!