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Website and Application Maintenance

PurpleBug’s IT team offers a reliable and technically equipped service that will manage and maintain your website and application. We provide online and onsite technical support to help you run your website more efficiently.

We Offer

Technical Expertise

Our team are all well-trained and excel in the field of web and mobile applications development. We also have expert hardware technicians and online security developers. The wide array of expertise that you will need in managing your website.

Flexible Support Arrangement

We understand your business has different needs and operational processes. Websites and applications demand close monitoring from time to time  hence our services are available both online and onsite support. All of which are according to what best suits your company's operational needs.

Browser Updates Support

As new security and plugins are updated by browsers, you need a team that will update your website's compatibility with their latest update. As more users visit and use your app, the load on your servers increases. We keep your platforms on track, our team can help update and optimize their performances.

End to End Solution

As internet and app usage gradually increases overtime, bugs and other errors can show up unexpectedly. This is where Purplebug comes in. We provide build and transfer or build and maintain development set up. Our thorough monitoring from the beginning is handled with constant attention. We are the right partner from your planning to maintaining your website.

Did You Know

Do you know that website needs to be constantly updated?

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