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Website and App Development

PurpleBug provides website and app development services, creating sites tailor-fitted to your needs and brand image. 

We Offer

Tailor-Made and Complete Elements

Digital marketing is now the business highway no matter the size of your business. We at PurpleBug creates a space for you through a tailor-fitted website that highlights your identity in the market .That is our expertise.We build websites from scratch- we design framework and content to reflect and suit your brand image .You need a customized website so that customers can easily identify your brand amidst a throng of others.

User-Friendly Navigation

A huge volume of businesses whether established or growing are now found on digital platforms.To remain visible and ensure a better customer experience and yield a higher conversion amidst this competitive landscape, we provide a well-defined and user-friendly navigation route throughout your website.This will help your visitors locate your services and products more easily.

Eye-Catching Web Design and Layout

PurpleBug takes pride in its outstanding skills and creativity in integrating framework and design for your website. We are aware that both appearance and design are necessary elements to attract customers, so we create a fusion of visual images, content, and fitting tools suitable to your brand image ,while we secure its quality user interface and natural navigation.

Effective Calls to Action

For a website to function optimally, it should be designed for user convenience and active engagement, thus, the need for strategically placed calls for action throughout the website .With our website and development services, we will equip your brand's .online home with attention-grabbing , accessible, and easy to read calls to action to meet customer needs and turn them into buyers.

Powerful Storytelling

A website is your brand's online home. It instantly reveals to your customers your business identity- who you are, what you do, and why they should avail your services. To gain more leads in a saturated digital market, the key is to have clear and customer-oriented content that sets your business apart and creates for your customers an effective digital marketing experience.

Did You Know
  • Texts attract more attention than pictures when building a website. Users tend to scroll on photos to look for useful information about your brand. Hence, it is more effective to use texts if you want to get a point across.
  •  The top or left part of the website is a strategic position in placing your photos as it is within the “viewing pattern” of site visitors.

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