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Right information. Right people. Right message. PurpleBug delivers relevant, results-oriented, and cost-effective influencer marketing and online PR services for your company. 

We Offer

Improved Brand Awareness

What better way to widen one of your popular marketing models, Influencer marketing. Let your target reach you through people who are actually using and promoting your products/services with reviews. Your audience will begin to know more about you, who you are, your story, and your products. These influencers play a big part in increasing brand awareness which takes up the widest part in the sales panel. Let Purplebug connect your brand with these influencers who can execute marketing activities to your liking and garner potential purchase from their supporters.

Increased Credibility

Influencers garner their followers by making their content relatable.They communicate with the viewers casually keeping them hooked and interested. Capturing people’s attention isn’t a challenging task for them as they exude authenticity and reliability. These said, partnering with influencers can help advertise your brand and gain the attention of a wider audience effectively. 

Quicker Customer Acquisition

Working with influencers greatly seize the opportunity to promote your brand and proceed to potential purchase. With a variety of marketing activities we can propose to influencers, actual purchase will be an assurance.  We value focus and relevance for your brand, which are the keys to influencer marketing.

Targeted Marketing

Brand identity must always be kept consistent across all marketing executions. Our list of influencers lets you reach your target marketing based on the angle and image you want your brand to be perceived. From exciting stories from content creators to product/service review, all of these can be executed by our influencers which will thereon translate to your goal. You can’t go wrong with targeted influencers who will help you be discovered by the people you aim for.

Winning Partnerships

Influencers Marketing builds strong brand relationships based on purchase history and positive brand affinity. Connecting and engaging with an influencer gives way for possible joint-ventures, live events, continuous recommendations to their fans, and other more long-term opportunities. A partnership that is built on trust and reliability only results in a win in both parties.

Did You Know
  • Instagram takes more than half of the widely used social media platform of social media influences for brand collaboration. Its personal approach to communication with its target audience is one of the primary reasons why influencers succeed on this platform.
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