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Ads that connect. Ads that deliver. PurpleBug makes sure you effectively spend the advertising budget on suitable digital media placements, ensuring you reach your actual market and generate measurable results. 

We Offer

Targeted Ads

PurpleBug ensures that your ad will reach the qualified audiences for your products and services. There are wide range digital ads but one in particular that will highlight and boost your brand is through SEM with PPC as the top used advertising model that has high turnover. Every stage of the buying cycle will be guaranteed to highlight your brand to your customers. Our expertise of maximizing social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube benefits you with flexible and effective options. 

Flexibility Across Channels

In digital marketing, it’s very important to boost your brand’s presence across all channels. Social media marketing, SEO Optimization are just some of the platforms and channels your brand must invest in for advertising. This will allow your target customer to see your content wherever and whatever you want them to. 

Measurable Data

Strategic ads should be based on detailed data. The digital marketing services we offer ensure a measurable result in order to strategize your next move. This will allow us to maximize and efficiently use the digital ads based on your budget. Moreover, we can help improve conversion rates,choose the right channels, plan more effective campaigns, and improve your business’ return of investment.

Massive Reach and Engagement

Traditional media has been slowly being taken over by the digital media. As the growing technology evolves, your business must adapt to these changes. Take advantage of the rise of all digital media such as social media marketing, PPC ads, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization, to gain access to a global audience reach. Be present and updated in the digital world. 

Top-of-Mind Awareness

We have built lasting connections and relationships with our clients as we served topnotch digital ad strategies that  gives  top-of-mind awareness to their customers. Our digital advertising campaign recognizes consumer behavior which will then lead to brand loyalty and product preference. Our digital marketing prowess can improve your exposure through mainstream  media channels.

Did You Know
  • There’s a 70% more chance of converting users into potential customers when you recalibrate your digital ads audience. It will be more recognizable once you retarget frequent visitors on your page because this will create more opportunity for your offered products and services to be more recognizable which will then result in a complete purchase.
  • Click-through rates are a more accurate way of measuring the success of your digital ads. As the main focus of digital ads is driving more impressions this will be beneficial in measuring performance in driving sales.
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