Chatbot Development

Effortless, automated conversations. PurpleBug offers a strategic and cost-efficient online customer service solution that is able to automate repetitive tasks, delivering value faster to your customers. 

We Offer

Inbox Automation

No need to worry about spending hours answering inquiries, your chatbot can do it for you. Our Chatbot Development services lets you automate your overflowing inbox. We make sure to provide you with a well-built chatbot so you can answer up to 80% of your customers’ routine questions. 

With our Chatbot Development services, you won’t have to worry about spending hours on answering inquiries. Our service will let you automate your inbox so you can answer 80% of customers common questions.  Well built-chatbot, built-in customer satisfaction.

Higher Rates of Customer Conversion

Chatbot for business not only eases managing your business but also guarantees a higher rate of customer conversion. Quick revert to customers inquiries leads to an increased conversion rate as it will give the customer the necessary information they need to purchase. This is where Chatbots excel, it’s a smart addition to your business that brings both customer service and profit. 

Improved Customer Service

Fast-paced industry requires prompt response to all the needs of your customer. Incorporating chatbots into your website greatly increases customer satisfaction with its ability to immediately respond to simple queries in a personal and convenient manner. A stimulated conversion through improved communications brings a good impression to your brand. 

Personalized and Engaging Conversations

The chatbots we develop provide real-time assistance to your customers. It offers interactive communication that can be designed to ask questions to understand your customer’s real problems. We know how important it is to keep your customers fully engaged with your brand. That is why we offer rich content such as product pages, blogs, images, and the like that is specifically built for the customer.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer service is one of the most important factors to your business’ success. Aim to reach out to all your target customers across all timelines by having 24/7 support. Chatbots don’t need any downtime, they are capable of giving instant replies anytime any day. Save time and cost as you streamline your business operations.

Did You Know
  • 63 percent of customers prefer to connect with business through chatbots for quick answers.
  • Customers avoid a chatbot after a bad experience. It’s more a frustrating experience if the chatbot isn’t responsive than a human customer service.
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